What are the conditions of your lifetime warranty?

Simple as this, if the items breaks and no longer functions how it should, all you need to do is contact us at care@voltacharger.com and pay the reshipping fee of US$9.00 required for the product. The only time you won't need to pay for the reshipping fee is if you received a faulty or broken item upon delivery. Example: The item did not work as advertised or an item fell apart due to factory defect in the first few days of receiving it. Otherwise all other issues or defects and faults can be claimed via our warranty, only requiring you to pay for the reshipping fee as mention above.

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted only when the VOLTA product you have purchased is posted back to us with all its original packaging and all products must be in perfect condition and working order. Refunds will be given only when the returned product has been received and checked by our team. The refund amount will be the price of the purchased items, minus restocking fees ($2 per item) and the initial shipping fee that you paid. returns can only be accepted up to 30 days after the purchase date, anything over that will not be accepted.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Our standard shipping fee is AU$9.99 however Express, Expedited and other options will vary depending on your country and how many items you purchase. For accurate costs please go through the checkout system with the items you want and the exact address to find out the cost. Please also read through the "Shipping" page for more information.

How will my order be shipped?

All orders will be shipped with tracking number(s) and will be delivered in most cases by your local or national postal service. Orders come in a waterproof plastic satchel. If you order a large order, generally 12-15+ cables or more it will come in a cardboard box and waterproofed.

Is it possible to change my order or add to it even after I put it through?

We ship standard orders roughly 24hrs after you order but it can be much sooner. With Express and Expedited it can be as soon as just a few hours after you order. If you required any changes to your order that you have placed already we suggest messaging us on our facebook page.

It has been longer then the estimated delivery time, what do I do?

If you haven’t received your order or you're wondering why it's taking so long for the package to get to you and it has been longer then the estimated time, please read through our "Shipping" page prior to contacting us.

Why is the VOLTA cable better than other magnetic cables in the market?

There are many reasons as to why our cable is superior to others. Some of those reasons are based on the amazing reactions people have towards the VOLTA magnetic cable (hence why we have the mind blowing reviews we do). Also every great product has a great manufacture behind it and we have had a very long standing relationship with our partners in Asia, who constantly ensure the production quality of every VOLTA product is of the highest standard. When it comes to the uniqueness of our design, the VOLTA Cable features 2 perfectly aligned N52-grade Neodymium reversible magnets in a 360° orientation – at the magnetic end of the cable – which means immediate, powerful connection, instantly! We also designed the VOLTA cable to provide hassle-free charging for all your USB Type C (Android/Universal), Lightning (Apple) and Micro USB (Android/Universal) devices. This means, ONE VOLTA cable will connect you to almost every device out there! Here is the best part, we offer LIFETIME WARRANTY on all VOLTA products! We invite you to view our reviews on our website and to search for reviews of VOLTA Charger on Youtube to see what others are saying about VOLTA!

Is the VOLTA cable MFI certified?

VOLTA products are not MFI certified. However the VOLTA cable works and syncs perfectly with all Apple products and does not damage to them what so ever. It also supports tethering and syncs effortlessly with iTunes. This is due to the embedded smart chips inside VOLTA products.

Can I plug VOLTA into my computer, laptop, car charger or power bank?

Absolutely YES! The VOLTA Charger is compatible with everything that your existing USB cable is. This means The VOLTA Cable will work with all your devices that are USB compatible.

Is it easy to remove the connector tip from the device's charging port?

The connector tip will stay perfectly steady in your device's port for any general day to day usage. Yet at the same time you can easily remove the connector tip by using just your fingernails. If you don't have long enough fingernails.

Does VOLTA support higher amperage and voltage charging? 5.1 volts, 2.1 volts for iPad?

Yes the VOLA Original Cable and VOLTA XL supports all of the higher amperage and voltage charging. However prior to purchasing any products please make sure that the specific product you are ordering is compatible with the device you are wanting to use it for. We have compatibility charts available on the website that you can use or you can contact us via facebook messenger or via email at care@voltacharger.com

What payment options do you offer?

We accept credit & debit cards via Stripe, we also accept Apple Pay and PayPal. Be sure to review the total amount before proceeding.

Does having a VOLTA tip in my phone negate the waterproof/resistance of my mobile device?

We have tested this by putting the device in water for 30 mins. After taking it out the device still functioned along with the tip being fully intact. Although it's possible that water under unusual circumstance can be trapped within the tip causing corrosion nevertheless this shouldn't affect the device's ability to be waterproof/resistant. However after taking the device out of water be sure to thoroughly dry the tip before charging otherwise you could cause damage to your VOLTA tip.

What is Quick Charging, Fast Charging and all these other terms?

Quick Charging is one of the many terms that various manufactures use to name their faster charging option for their devices. Most devices now have a standard/normal charging speed for their devices and then now also a faster option. Each company have their own name for the charging method. For example Samsung along with a few others use Quick Charge from Qualcomm their fast charging is called Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0. Oneplus devices call their's Dash Charge, Apple uses the term Fast Charging or Fast Charge and Google uses Rapid Charge sometimes for their Pixel lines. Our cables offer 3.0QC (which means it will work with 2.0QC) along with all the other options such as Rapid Charge, Fast Charge and all the rest. The only option our products don't yet offer is Oneplus Dash Charging.

Will the VOLTA Original cable charge devices that require more then 2.4A?

The Volta Original Cables has a total power output of 2.4A which means it is not compatible with devices that require more than 2.4A. It can, however handle any charging speed of any device within the range up to 2.4A. if you need a more powerful cable we suggest to purchase the VOLTA XL.

Having a problem charging your device with a VOLTA product?

Please read carefully through our "Product Care" page located in the footer of our website (at the bottom of our website), most issues would be resolved through the steps and information provided on this page.

Does the VOLTA Original & VOLTA XL cable offer data transfer?

Yes The VOLTA Charger & VOLTA XL not only charges but also can transfer data. The Volta Original does this via USB 2.0 & Volta XL Via USB 3.0

Do any of your products offer Oneplus dash charging?

No, VOLTA Original and VOLTA XL Chargers do not Dash Charge but the VOLTA XL cable will fast charge the device. It's not possible for any cable to offer quick charge & fast charge along with dash charge because dash charge is a completely different system and you can't mix the two. We will however in the near future bring out a cable that offers Dash Charge due to the high demand for it from our great customers.

Will any of VOLTA magnetic products damage my device in the long run?

No, VOLTA magnetic products such as our cables and adapters will never damage your phone. The magnetic strength is just enough to offer a strong connection but not stronger enough to damage your phone, you have nothing to worry about!

When disconnecting my VOLTA cable or adapter the tip comes out from my device, did I get a faulty product?

This is never an issue with the tip you have inserted but rather your devices charging port is worn out. When using a traditional cable you have to insert it in and out of your devices port countless times every year, this causes the port to actually stretch and become damaged even in some cases. The good news is that there is a solution, all you need to do is to insert the tip into your device together with a tiny piece of paper and this will make the tip hold and stay put inside your phone or device. Another great thing is when you get a new device next time, by using a VOLTA cable you won't ever damage your ports again.
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