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Guidelines for Warranty & Returns


Welcome to VOLTA! We appreciate your support and would love to keep in touch with you to ensure you are having the best experience with us!

Here at VOLTA, we have absolute confidence in our products which allows us to give all VOLTA purchased items a 30days money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. However, this is only in effect to items that are still for sale on the official VOLTA website. We cannot give warranty or replacements to items that have been taken down or phased out as these are not in production anymore.


Firstly, we are aware that returns can be troublesome at times so we at VOLTA simplified the return process by allowing our customers to process their own returns.

Returns are FREE for all defective products and whenever a wrong item is mistakenly sent by us. All returns can easily be processed through contacting customer service through the “contact us” page. You will have the option to either choose to replace your items, receive a refund or get store credit towards your next VOLTA purchase.


If you change your mind after you have received a product and wish to return it for reasons not related to defects, please note: refund can only be given after the products have been returned to VOLTA HQ. Keep in mind that the products must be returned in their original packaging and the items must be in working condition and a resellable state. Only after items have been tested and confirmed to be in good condition will the refund be issued. Also, note that you will be charged $2.50 restocking fees and the initial shipping fee(s) you paid for the delivery is not refundable.


Should you choose to replace the items, we will be able to ship the replacement items to you completely FREE of charge! You do not need to Return defective items. ALL replacements are sent with FREE shipping, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Another option would be a refund, the customer will not be required to ship the items back to us  (unless otherwise instructed). A customer will only be refunded fully (original payment + shipping fees) for the following reasons: if the product was faulty from the beginning, the product did not work as advertised or have become faulty within 30 days of use (subject to approval).

If the reason for a refund does not fall under the above-mentioned circumstances, we will not be able to process the refund. Refunds are not available for damaged products.


In a situation where you could not correct your order before it was shipped out, all you have to do is reject the package when it gets to you.

We will reship the correct items when the package gets returned to our HQ.

However, kindly be informed that in a situation where the price of the new item is higher than what you paid for previously, you will pay for the difference in price as well as the shipping fee for us to send it

Also, if after receiving a package, you discover that you want a longer cable length, you can return the cable to us, pay the difference (if required) and the shipping fee for us to reship the length of your choice

Please, kindly be informed that you have to return the cable in the exact manner that it was delivered to you and you will have to cover for the shipping cost

Store Credit

The last option is to take store credit. This means you can choose to use the initial purchasing amount to purchase other products within the VOLTA online store. Again, the customer will still have to send items to us at their own expense (for exchange reasons only), once we receive the items in good working and resellable condition, we will then credit the customer. The customer will receive the full initial amount (original payment + initial shipping fee) in store credit and also will not be charged restocking and handling fees.