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How to correct a wrong order and tips to receive faster response.

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27 Sep, 2018

Sometimes you discover that you just made a wrong choice in the order you placed or have just entered a wrong item in the shipping address you provided and you are faced with the big question "What should I do?" Here is what you can do. You can contact the customer support team to ask for help but the content of your very first message can make the process faster hence, it is important to take note of a few vital tips that will help you send the right message to the team and help them resolve the issue right on time.

Your very first email should contain the following details if the change is related to a wrong item in the order you just placed: Order Number (#) A description of the item(s) you would like to remove/replace in the order. (length and color of the cable/ the tip type) A description of the new item you wish to add/ replace the removed item with. If the change relates to an omitted item in the shipping address or a wrong item entered the following should be contained in your first email: Order Number(#) The omitted or correct item( where it has to do with omission or wrong entry) The corrected / new shipping address if you need to change the entire address. To cancel an entire order, you will need to send a message stating the reason why you would want the order canceled and in that message, you are required to provide the order number.

When should I send my message?

To make a change, your message must be sent in before 24 hours from when the order was placed. Why is this Important? Orders are fulfilled in 24hours after they are placed after which, changes can no longer be made. If the right information is sent in on time, it will save the day and save you the stress. We want to always ensure that our customers get the best services at all times which is the reason we make such vital information available and accessible to all. Volta cares!

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