Our Mission

Welcome to Volta, we are an Australian start-up located on the beautiful Gold Coast. Our team has sacrificed everything from jobs, houses, businesses, taste buds (2min noodle life) and even schooling degrees so that VOLTA could become a success! At Volta we believe in Technology and its ability to impact the lives of peoples, especially the less privileged. This fuelled our passion to create a company that produce products that set the standard for the industry and use the proceeds to impact lives around the world. We focused on fusing technology with deep human and environmental respect to produce quality products that our customers would be glad to purchase with zero regret! To sum it all up, we build consumer electronics and use a portion of the proceeds for social good by renovating schools, building health centres and distributing food to the least privileged in developing countries.


Volta was birthed due to the desire we had as a team together to help those in need. For the majority of families in third world countries, parents are forced to beg on the streets as well as work full-time jobs! Many mothers that see no other alternatives to resolve their issues resort to working as prostitutes just to earn the extra money needed to feed their family and pay their children school fees. In most modernized countries we have the luxury of paying either extremely low schooling fees or our government provides schools FREE to the public. This was one of the countless driving factors to why Volta was created.

Health Outreach

We are delighted to say that on the 18th of May, 2018, we took our community efforts one step further by carrying out a medical outreach in Opebi, Ikeja community in South-Western Nigeria. We gave out over 200 insecticide-treated mosquito nets, tested residents of this slum community for malaria and general health, and gave out medication. We know that this does not amount to world domination but we are keen to do as much as we can within communities that need this. Learn more

Education Outreach

We were able to reach out to the students and stakeholders of Ago-Iwoye Secondary School with 250 new desks & chairs. Prior to this, the entire high school students sat on the floor, they hardly had any chairs or desks. We were able to fill out over 4 entire school rooms with new chairs and desks for the students of this Nigerian high school. Learn more


Many students can barely afford school fees let alone the required books and materials they need for their classes. We were able to provide books, pens, pencils and other materials for hundreds of students. We were also able to pay in full an entire year worth of schooling fees for OVER 60 young high school students!

Meet The Team

Adedayo Charis

Project Manager

Nadim Bazyar

Fulfillment and Procurement

Harikech Menon


Olivia Palmer


Benjamin Burke


Ifeanyi Ifemeje