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What’s New? VOLTA 30W 2 Port Compact Type C and USB A Power Brick Charger.

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19 Jul, 2019

Growth. Growth means a lot of things to so many people, but what binds all kinds of growth is a process of development. Consistently over the years, Volta has released top-quality products to her sensational customers, and these products have proven to improve their lives, one way or the other.

However, growth is a cycle which never ends and in regards to this, Volta now has a new and amazing product for her esteemed customers - The two-in-one Volta Power Brick called VOLTA 30W 2 Port Compact Type C & USB A Charger.

This all-new 2 in 1 Power Brick not only maintains some of the features of the already existing Quick Charge 3.0 Power Brick, but it equally comes with mind-blowing additional features.

Two Devices, One Charger. 

This sturdy power brick contains two ports to allow you to charge two devices simultaneously; a USB-C port that comes with Power Delivery option and a USB-A Port.

Pocket-Friendly Size

Every customer's comfort is a priority to us, and a big bulky Power Brick just wouldn't cut it when you can get it at a more compact size. The Volta 2 in 1 Power Brick comes in a size that makes it easy to carry around, wherever you go.

Seamless Universal Compatibility 

Charging technology has been advancing and we won't deprive our patriotic customers the thrill of enjoying these amazing innovations. The 2 in 1 Power Brick is compatible with a broad range of devices including Android and iPhone devices, as well as MacBooks.

Safety First

Of what value would Volta be to you if we do not care about you and the money you've spent to own all your amazing devices. For this reason, the 2 in 1 Power Brick is fitted with built-in safeguards to protect all your devices from overheating, overcharging and excessive current.

We've Got Your Back.

Never have we not always put our customers first, which is why there is 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on this product in line with the conditions stated on our Warranty and Returns page. The 2 in 1 Power Brick equally comes with a guaranteed 18-Month Product Replacement Warranty.

Join our Indiegogo Campaign for the VOLTA 30W 2 Port Compact Type C & USB A Charger.


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