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VOLTA Magnetic Adapter - Coming to Indiegogo 12th of December

VOLTA Magnetic Adapter - Coming to Indiegogo 12th of December

Oh you didn't hear? The VOLTA Magnetic Adapter is almost here and it's already BLOWING MINDS! Simply put, it's a Magnetic Adapter that will TRANSFORM your standard cables into UNIVERSAL magnetic cables.

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Volta Magnetic Adapter with Lifetime Warranty

This new magnetic adapter will turn all your standard old boring android cables into universal magnetic cables allowing you to charge all USB C & Lightning (Apple) devices via your Android cable. It doesn’t stop there, these adapters will also allow you to turn your nonmagnetic android cables into an awesome Magnetic Volta Cable that can now easily be used to power ALL your devices! 

With the success of VOLTA's first gadget (The VOLTA Charger) which has sold over 10,000 units, countless amazing reviews including the highly regarded Linus Tech Tips a channel boasting 4.8million+ subscribers, along with 5/5 star ratings and mind blowing reviews from around the globe on the product which can be read HERE.

These and many more will give you the required confidence in the quality and pure awesomeness of VOTLA's latest product, The Volta Magnetic Adapter. We want you to be a part of this story as we come LIVE to INDIEGOGO on the 12 of December 2017!

Lastly for those who think we are only JUST a tech company, we are far from it. We actually put a large majority of money made from VOLTA products into building schools and feeding children in Africa! If you want to read about what we have done so far, check out our mission page HERE.

Limited early bird specials await you, want to get access?, sign up HERE!



  • Will this be safe for a 45W USB C Charger? This is for a HP Spectre.

  • I own a Macbook 12" (2017) uses USB-C to 29W changer and USB-C to Macbook – Need this if it’s USB-C cable to device magnetic with USB-C tip. Must be 29W safe for it to work!!!

    Please tell me if this will work when I order it.

    Mike (USA) Already bought 2 Magnetic cables with extra tip (LOVE IT LOVE IT)

    Mike McGuire
  • If this is the MacBook charger I’ve been waiting for, then I’m getting one right now. If not, we’ll, I’ll keep waiting. ?

  • A very useful thing! Thank you for your work.


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