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Black Friday, Cambodia, Charity, Volta Care

12 Nov, 2019

Black Friday for businesses, is the time to give back to their customers in a massive way. Huge discounts, free shipping, buy-one-get-one-free, and free products are just a part of the deals you get as a customer. It, however, never goes beyond these. It’s all between the business and you, their customer - and there’s nothing wrong with this.

At Volta, we are set not to do things how everyone else might think is best when it is necessary. What’s more important to us is people, not just our customers, but every person. We have always shown this in our relationship with our customers and people who have needs they can meet by themselves.

We do not see Black Friday just as an opportunity to make our customers happy and make some money for ourselves. Instead, we see it as an opportunity to make the world a better and safer place to live and thrive.

In Cambodia, approximately 77% of the population lives in rural areas with poor access to safe water and sanitation. Three million people in the country cannot get safe water, and 6.5 million are at risk of hazardous sanitation situations. In Asia, Cambodia has one of the fastest-growing economies but a low GDP per capita compared to its neighbor countries. They also do not have access to finance for water and sanitation improvement, and this has adversely affected how families provide water and sanitation for their homes.

Water for Cambodia

This Black Friday, we want to support the people of Cambodia. We want to provide safe water for as many families as possible. We will give from the proceeds we make between November 30th - December 1st to support this project.

The number of families who get safe water for their daily use now rests in your hands and our hands. Do not miss out on our Black Friday sales to support this cause.

With you by our side, we are sure the world will begin to spread more love and help each other more often.

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