Transform Any Cable With The Volta Magnetic Adapter

The all-new VOLTA Magnetic Adapter is the world’s leading magnetic adapter that transforms your standard micro USB android cables into universal magnetic chargers!

Not only will it transform your standard micro USB android cables into magnetic android cables, but it also enables you to charge any USB-C or Lightning (Apple) devices with the exchangeable magnetic tips with your single standard cable!

This means no more multiple cords lying around the house or office trying to find the right cable for your device. Or even better stop carrying your charging cables with you. Now you can carry our small & compact magnetic adapter to transform Any cable for your device on the go!

Make life easier with the Volta Magnetic Adapter and never need to replace or buy multiple cords again!

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Hello @Randy

No, we only have input for USB-C and Micro USB cables.

Volta Staff November 20, 2019

Is there version of the adapter that uses my lightning cable?

Randy November 20, 2019


Yes. Our adapter allows you to charge your phone and also transfer data while still using a magnetic connection to the tip that stays in your phone.

Volta Staff October 10, 2019

Do these transfer data as well as charging voltage? I have a new car stereo that needs to connect to my mobile phone to provide external media and maps … the mobile phone has a USB TYPE C port for both charging input as well as connection to the stereo. The stereo has a “standard” USB TYPE A male to TYPE A female and I can connect a USB TYPE A male to the cable coming out of the stereo, then a USB TYPE C to that.

My “problem” (it’s not really a problem, just an annoyance) is that to make all this work, I"m going to be removing the TYPE C male from my phone every time I get in and out fo the car, and after a while, the port gets loose, the cable doesn’t stay in place, and it ends in a very ugly manner )

If I can get a USB TYPE C plug that can remain in the phone port indefinitely while connections are made to it via a magnetic connection …. that rocks my world. If this is that kind of thing, does it transfer both charging power AND 2-way data?


Phil Zale October 05, 2019

Will the new Adapter 2.0 be compatible with the Original tips? Or do I need to fully re-equip myself to again have one cord for every device?

Johan September 05, 2019


We have a new version of the magnetic adapter launching soon. You should follow us on Instagram or Facebook so that you can be aware of the launch date. You can as well subscribe to our newsletter to get the information. Thanks.

Volta Staff August 23, 2019

Are the volta magnetic adapters no longer available? Could really use them!!

Martha August 23, 2019


I have the exact same problem like Thomas before me.
Please tell me where to find those.



Sebastiaan Kuipers July 12, 2019

This adapter works on all my devices EXCEPT my Sony Xperia ZX premium phone. Why is this?

Tony Leeds June 03, 2019

Hey all!

Now that the Indigigo Campaign is closed, where can I buy those? Can’t find them on your shop or Amazon Germany.

Kind Regards from Berlin


Thomas Herfen April 27, 2019

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