Join the Volta Insider

Trust has taken on a whole new meaning for the consumer-business relationship in the past 20 or 30 years. This isn’t just because consumerism has changed but rather because the world has catapulted into a new era – it’s a digital, post-internet, waxing smartphones-waning coral reefs world. At Volta, we take pride in creating products that meet the need of the ordinary people - products that are functional, durable and sleek. And this would not have been very possible without the feedback from our customers and out early bakers.

So, we decided to consolidate this mutual relationship by creating the Volta Insider. A family where we can achieve a common goal to grow and provide value. Volta Insider helps us to give back to the global community and align with our buyers’ personal values, give easy access to more information and as such provide a higher level of transparency.

At Volta insider transparency is our priority – this means publicly admitting mistakes and making our business stance on privacy and data sharing clear. And genuinely giving back in some way, is important to us. And giving our customer the experience of feeling connected to our families, friends, the community is one of them.

The Volta insider not only help us answer all customer complaints, respond to feedback, and allow for an open dialogue. But, to take our customer relationship building to the next level, by being responsive to what we hear. This keeps us focused to constantly innovate.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Voltainsider like a boss and get rewarded.

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