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Hey Apple, We Still Need To Talk About Your Chargers

Hey Apple, We Still Need To Talk About Your Chargers

As amazing as Apple products are and how innovative they get year after year. Especially with the exciting iPhone X soon to be released with all its mind-blowing features. I'm absolutely PUZZLED on how a company who has just invented face detection cannot seem to fix our biggest complaint about Apple!
Yep! You guessed it, their wretched chargers! One thing that we've been complaining about for since the beginning of time itself!
We've really, really tried to make the best of a bad situation with your sad excuse for a charger. 
And somehow yet it seems they get worst every year! (how is that even possible Apple?)
They've split in the middle, just because they felt like it.
Then split at the top, because well..why not?
Then completely given up because they have no respect whatsoever.
They've completely stripped themselves of all responsibility.
They've sneakily unraveled when we weren't looking.
And they've constantly messed up our day, I mean how does that even happen? O.o
We've employed our best efforts to prevent the inevitable happening.
Ingenious techniques have included the "spring from a pen" method...
The "Sellotape it" method...
And even the "use a plaster" method.
Of course, there was the more sensible electrical tape method.
But there is no solution, iPhone chargers utterly suck.
Somehow Apple continues to updated and upgrade EVERYTHING, except the one bloody thing we need to charge the phone in the first place.
There's not much point having a brand-new iPhone if the charger looks like this, is there, Apple?
How does it unravel so damn quickly?!
How many more times must we be greeted by this sight?
How long will the dreaded "turtleneck" continue to remind us just how easily your chargers seem to begin to stuff up?
How much longer do you expect us to put up with it?
Fix it Apple, 2017 is your year to do what's right.

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