5 Reasons You Need A Magnetic Charging Cable

A charger is the most important accessory for a smartphone because your phone is as good as useless if you have flat battery.

Although, there are different kinds of chargers, it is very important to buy a strong and durable one since a bad charger won’t only damage your phone’s battery life, it will also cost a lot of money. No one likes to waste money, especially when the reason for the wastage is a recurrent expense on buying chargers. To avoid this mishap, the need to get for yourself a good magnetic charging cable becomes immediately apparent.

The Magnetic Charging Cable is one that every smartphone users must have. If you are still doubting, here are five reasons why you need a Magnetic Charger Cable

1. Durability: The Magnetic Charging Cable is made of Military grade material which makes it anti-break. It will save you the stress of purchasing charging cables regularly.

 2. Fast Charging: If you love to get your device fully charged in a short while, then the Magnetic Charging Cable is a must-have for you.

3. One Cable for All Devices: The Magnetic Charging Cable allows you the luxury of using only one cable to charge all your devices, whether iPhone, Android or USB C. You don’t have to worry anymore about moving around with different chargers.


4. Flexibility an Ease of Use: No charging cable is as flexible as the Magnetic Charging Cable. It’s easy to use and super flexible. You don’t have to struggle with inserting your cable into your phone in the dark as the magnets are strong.


5. Data Transfer Between Phone and Laptop: The Magnetic Charging Cable does not only charge your devices but also allows you to share data between your laptop and your smartphone.


Is there any other reason you will like to add on why you think the magnetic charging cable will be a very good buy?, kindly drop your comments below.

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Big trade off for using this method of convenient charging method. My phone battery drained 4 or 5 times FASTER with the adapter stay connected to your phone 24/7 . It is OK for people who has fast life but for an retiree with plainty time to spend and no extra finance to replace the fast dying battery ( very expensive to replace a non swap out battery) I find it a big NO. NO for me. Will sell or give away my cable and the magnetic adapter. Try it yourself ( I am a retired Electronic Tech)

Loi Bui January 09, 2020

Can you do a comparison of magnetic charging vs wireless charging

Victoria Chow December 04, 2018

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powerzz October 15, 2018

Only reason #4 is valid, all others can be done a good quality non-magnetic cable.

sanjoto October 10, 2018

Quite helpful guidance on this post! It really is the small changes that make the biggest changes. Thank you for posting the great content…I was looking for something like this…I found it quite interesting, hopefully, you will keep posting such blogs.

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Sindy Cooper October 03, 2018

I just bought the magnetic charger and was wondering if those magnetic plugs (if always plugged in and kept in phone) will cause any damage to phone internals?
The reason for asking this is, because the port where the plug is plugged in, is near phone mic so will its magnetic field weaken the mic? I was having this fear and wanted to know if someone would answer it.

Awais Javaid August 05, 2018

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