Countdown To The Volta XL

Every day at Volta, one of the questions we always ask ourselves is “what can we do better, today?” It is borne out of our philosophy that if each day we do things incrementally better than we did the previous day, we will make better products, offer better services, have happier staff and ultimately more satisfied customers.

Many times, the answer to that question has come from our customers. This is why every new product or service we launch is better than the rest. We have successfully rolled out the Volta Magnetic Charging Cable, the Limited Edition RED Volta Cable, the Volta Magnetic Adapter and the Volta Right Angle Charging Cable. We have sold over 50,000 units in the past couple of months.

So we can assure you that when we set about creating the Volta XL, we had the above in mind. The Volta XL is an upgrade, not only on the Volta 1.0 but also on any other charging cable you will find out there. Sporting a newer and sleeker design, we have retained all the features you loved from the Volta 1.0:

  • Rare Earth N52 Neodymium Magnets for the Magnetic Tip
  • 18k Gold Plated Copper Core Plug
  • LED Light Indicator
  • 18k Gold Plated Needles
  • Nickel Plated Interface (Anti-Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant)
  • Data Transfer

In addition to these, we have got the usual reversible fast charging head, anti-fray and tear protection due to our ultra strong military grade PVC and braided nylon. We have also extended charging support to 87W USB-C power adapter charging for 15-inch MacBook Pro and 60W 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Volta 2.0 Features

But you want to know what the real icing on the cake is? USB POWER DELIVERY!

What’s the big deal about USB Power Delivery? Well, USB PD or USB Power Delivery will charge your device up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging* and provide more power to charge tablets and laptops quickly. **70% faster than 5W charging when charging a Google Nexus 6P or similar device from 0% battery.

Yes, you read that right! If that’s not an upgrade, we do not know what is.

The Volta 2.0 comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is compatible with all your devices. We are launching on Indiegogo in a few weeks. Learn more from Gadget Review



will lightening and micro USB tips be available for Volta XL????

Steven March 19, 2019

If I own some Volta 1.0 cables, will they be compatible with Volta 2.0 tips? I’d like to be able to use a combination of USB-A and USB-C cables to make travelling easier with the tips (Work laptop does not have USB-C)

Alastair McIntyre June 04, 2018

Indian price India available

Lalu naik May 22, 2018

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