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Coming Soon - Volta Magnetic Adapter 2.0 and Volta Right Angle Cable

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23 Oct, 2019

After our successful campaign on Indiegogo, it is time to introduce the Volta Magnetic Adapter 2.0 and the Volta Right Angle Cable to our store.

We have to say a very big thanks to all those who supported, funded, and shared our campaign. You helped us reach and surpass our goal.

Volta Mag AdapterVolta Mag Adapter

The Volta Magnetic Adapter 2.0 is a sleek charge and sync Adapter housing a standard USB (USB C or Micro USB) on one end, and on the other end, an open magnetic port for any of our magnetic tips.Volta Mag AdapterAs little as the Volta Mag Adapters look, they support Qualcomm 3.0 and data transfer in smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, console pads and a wide range of other compatible devices.Volta Mag Adapter

Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic CableVolta Right Angle Cable

The 3AMP Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable is a specially built cable for devices with lower amperage and those less compatible with the 5AMP Volta 2.0 Cable. Sleekly designed, it has a standard USB A on one end and a reversible open magnetic end for a secure magnetic connection with all of our tips (USB C, Micro USB, and Lightning Tips).The Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable still features the upgraded connection slot design, but this time in a right-angle position, which provides you with a sturdy magnetic connection and instant charge with just one touch. The cable additionally has strong neodymium magnets to improve the quality of the connection it provides and an amazing Snagsafe feature.Volta Right Angle Cable

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