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How long do orders take to be dispatched?
Shipping estimation times do not include weekends, public holidays and the number of days the package spends within customs in your country.
Orders take up 24hrs before they are dispatched from the point you purchase them on weekdays and they do not dispatch over weekends. Also note that dispatch may take a longer time during major sales periods and that the time zone of our global dispatch centre is Brisbane Local Time, Australia.

Please note that all Express and Expedited shipping will be dispatched and shipped out ASAP (less than 24hr dispatch). Once the order has been processed it is too late for us to make any changes. Due to the necessity of us needing to ship these out as quickly as possible there is only a very short window where you can possibly make changes but in most cases we will not see it in time so please make sure you're 100% sure with your order when it comes to Express and Expedited shipping options. 

Express and Expedited orders can't be dispatched over the weekend but will be sent out first thing Monday mornings if they miss the dispatch window for Friday afternoon. 

How long are delivery times?
Delivery times vary depending on what option you choose (Standard shipping, Expedited USA service or Express) but generally speaking you can expect standard international deliveries to take between 7-12 business days, DHL Express 2-3 business days, Local Australia standard 3-7 business days, Local Australian Express 2-3 business days and Expedited USA shipping 3-7 business days. Again these times do not include the above-mentioned exemptions.

How do I track my order?
Once you receive your shipping confirmation email, you can track your order by clicking the link in the email you receive from us. Also for orders within Australia, you can enter your tracking number here: and for International orders shipping via Standard or Expedited shipping options please use the official DHL tracking website and for Express orders globally use the official DHL Express tracking website.

If you need help with this, you can contact our Customer Happiness team via our email at we aim to respond within 24hrs. 

Are there any customs fees?
It is possible to get custom fees and other fees depending on your countries rules. If your order incurs any customs, duties fees or extra postal fees you will be required to cover these costs including any others you may incur. This is rare, however, every country has different laws and regulations that we can't list out individually. So please take the precautions to double check these things to see if your country would charge you anything extra. Please take note that all orders are shipped from Australia.

What countries do you ship too?
We ship globally there are only a very few select countries not available on our platform to ship to. However, for some of those countries, we can possibly still sort out a way to ship them to you. Please before you contact us about this, make sure your country is NOT already on our list. You can do this by placing your order through our website and double checking your country is truly not available. 

My country isn’t on the shipping list
Email us at and we will arrange another form of shipping for you so that Volta is available all around the world!

What time does VOLTA dispatch orders each day?
From Monday to Friday we dispatch orders every day by 1:30 PM (GMT/UTC +10:00h). Orders cannot be dispatch during the weekend or Australian Public Holidays. For any Express and Expedited orders ordered after 1:30PM, they will be dispatched the next day by 10:00 AM with our early Express/Expedited pickup time. The 10:00 AM pickup is specifically for Express and Expedited orders. All other orders will be dispatched on weekdays by 1:30 PM. 

Do you refund shipping fees?
When refunding orders for any and all reasons we will not refund shipping fees. We also will not refund Express or Expedited shipping fee's due to later then displayed estimated arrival time. The only time we may refund a shipping fee is for those who purchased Express shipping and their order was significantly delayed. If this has happened to you for Express (not expedited or standard) please do contact our team at

What if my country does not have a postcode?
If your address does not have a post, please enter the following in the postcode field 00000.

Does my address have to be written in English?
All addresses must be written in English and any addresses that are not written in English will automatically be translated using google translator and sent with the translated information. We will not be held accountable for the order not arriving at the address. If the order comes back to us due to this, you will be required to pay re-shipping fee's if you wish to still receive your items.

What do I do if my address was wrong?
If you inputted the incorrect address be sure to email us straight away by emailing or sending a message to us on our facebook page at If you failed to notify us before we shipped your order out, you will be required to pay the reshipping fee. Please note we will not be able to reship the order out for you until the item returns. Then and only then, we will be able to reship it out for you (if you paid your reshipping fee).