Adedayo Charis

project manager


We're a new startup based on The Gold Coast of Australia. Made up of award-winning engineers and creative designers. We've worked tirelessly to create a singular cross-device magnetic charging system. That will work with just about any device you own - giving people peace of mind. Beyond building amazing gadgets the core of our focus at VOLTA. Is to change the lives of millions of people in Africa. We use a huge amount of the proceeds of everything we sell to go towards building schools in third world nations and equipping the youth of the generations to come! 




Libraries, science laboratories, even the simple things; well ventilated classrooms, comfortable desks, chairs, learning materials, etc. These are the things we can take for granted. Every school should have them, and where you are every school most likely has them. The footage below was the state of one of the high schools we are currently renovating and working on . We are determined to return it to a conducive learning environment with your help! So what was the solution to such a large issue? It was by creating a product that people can't help but BUY (The Volta Charger). While our cable makes your life dramatically easier. At the same time it's helping to build schools that bring joy while shaping the future of millions of students in third world countries around the WORLD!