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Volta Magnetic Cable Vs Regular Cable

Volta Magnetic Cable Vs Regular Cable


It’s so sad that no matter how expensive and sophisticated a gadget is, once it’s not charged, it’s as good as useless.

Most gadgets manufacturers want their customers to come back after purchasing their product and they end up selling chargers that easily break and get damaged so that customers won’t have a choice than to come back to replace the chargers once they go bad.

One of the world’s award-winning team of Engineers and creative designers came together and get up with the Volta Magnetic Charging Cable; the world strongest to put an end to frequent replacement of charging cables.

If you are still wondering what makes it different from your regular charging cable, here are the reasons”

  1.   Unlike the regular cables that charge only a device, the Volta Magnetic Cable can be used to power any device with a USB type C, micro USB or lightning such as your Apple or Android smartphone, tablet or even a game console, simply put, one cable for all your devices
  1. Each  Volta Magnetic Cable comes with a lifetime warranty, no regular cable has a lifetime warranty
  1. The VOLTA Cable has 3 layers of military PVC protection, anti-oxidative and anti-corrosive nickel-plating means it will last forever while the regular cables are so frail that they hardly last a year
  1. While the regular cable takes hours to fully power your phone, the Volta Magnetic Charging Cable charges your phone full in less than an hour
  1. Volta uses the world strongest magnetism N52 neodymium on both tip and cable to make it real strong magnet, no cable got strong magnet like the Volta Magnetic Charging Cable.


Although both the Volta Magnetic Charging Cable and the regular cables serve the same purpose of powering your device but the difference in delivery, performance, strength, and durability of each cable differs greatly.

Volta Magnetic Charging Cable and the Regular Charging Cable, which do you prefer? Let us know in the comment box.

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