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The Charger to Solve All Your Charging Problems


12 May, 2020

The Only Charger You Will Ever Need to Buy to Solve All Your Charging Problems

What would you give if there was a single solution to every one of your problems? What price would be too much to pay for such a solution?

It would not only centralize your focus, but it would also help you achieve more in less time - and that is what Volta is about.

There is a single solution you need for all your charging issues, both the ones you are aware of and the ones you know nothing about.

Volta Charger is renowned for building the world’s strongest and most versatile magnetic charging cables. Designed in Australia, we not only satisfy our customers with premium products at affordable prices, we also give back to the community in the form of health care provisions, food distributions, and educational facilities all around the world.

You can buy the Volta XL Improved for $34.30 at 15% off for a limited time.

Volta XL Improved

The Volta XL Improved is Volta’s next testament to a steady delivery of truly universal cables that satisfies every of your charging needs and affect the lives of others.

Volta XL Improved Magnetic Charger

Multiple Connections

The solution to a problem is useless if it is not simple enough to solve the hardest task. One of the hurdles the Volta XL Improved conquers is the need to have multiple cables for different devices. With a single Volta Improved cable, you get to juice up all your USB-C devices - iPad, Samsung, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Macbook, and a host of other USB-C devices. As long as your device does not require above 100W of power, the Volta XL Improved will succinctly charge it.

Safe Disconnect

Snagsafe like Magsafe

It’s only normal that now and then, you’ll trip over your cable. With a regular cable, this can spell doom for both the cable and your device. Volta XL Improved is fitted with the SnagSafe feature that ensures you never damage your cable or device when next you trip on it.

It is also possible that you don’t get tangled with your cable like the rest of us. However, you are a multitasker, and it is annoying when you have to struggle to disconnect your charger from your device. The same SnagSafe feature lets you disconnect from your device with only a slight bend of the cable.

You can buy the Volta XL Improved for $34.30 at 15% off for a limited time.

Fast Charging

Gone are the days when you have to charge your phone for five hours or more to get a full charge. Smartphone manufacturers have enabled different technologies in their devices to help you get a full charge from zero percent in one to two hours. However, most third-party chargers rid you of this exciting feature when you use them on your device. The Volta XL Improved allows you to enjoy whatever proprietary fast charging capability your device works with. It supports QC 3.0, QC 4.0, and Power Delivery of up to 100W. You can be sure to enjoy Warp Charging, Dash Charging, SuperCharge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge, Power Delivery, and more, all by using a single Volta XL Improved.

Volta XL Improved Magnetic Charger


Volta XL Improved is fitted with 360-degree reversible N-52 Grade Neodymium magnets, the strongest you can find anywhere. They ensure the speedy transfer of current between the cable and tip you use to charge your device.

Similar to previous cables from Volta Charger, the new Volta XL has an improved strain relief collar to keep your cable from breaking at the ends, anti-scratch casing made from high-grade plastic, and PBV-braided military-grade tangle-free nylon cable.

Your Volta XL Improved cable will last you a lifetime, something no other cable can boast of.

Volta Snagsafe

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